Today marks the beginning of a new era. The path that brought us to this day started in 2017, when City Football Group, which owns eight football clubs around the world, including Manchester City, announced its arrival in Uruguay. The chosen club was Torque, one of the youngest clubs in Uruguay, founded just ten years earlier.

Since then, the idea of evolving the club's institutional identity to bring it closer to the city, its community, and the City group has gradually grown.

We proudly and responsibly incorporated the name of Montevideo into the new club name, and declare with excitement our commitment to this city and the Montevideo community.

As a demonstration of this commitment, we are pleased to announce the construction of a first-class sports complex and the creation of a foundation that promotes education and values through football.

A few months ago, Torque embarked on the task of measuring our fans' opinions about the emblem, as well as their vision of which symbols best represent the city, the club, and the group in a more authentic way.
Fans, officials, associates, the founders of the institution, and football references participated in the consultative process, which helped us understand what and who Torque is.


A stylized and modern version of a sun on a sky-blue background, inspired by the Sol de Mayo present in the Uruguayan flag. Six straight and six curved rays represent the relationship between the eleven players and the community they represent; a national symbol of unity, strength, optimism, and energy, consistent with the club's values.


Four dark blue waves refer to the Río de la Plata and the four blue stripes of the national flag. Also present in the Uruguayan coat of arms.


A rotating wheel in the center of the sun references the club's origins, turned 45 degrees to illustrate the circular movement of force on an axis and the dynamism of "Torque" itself.


A circular shape in line with the original Torque emblem. Design elements consistent with shields of other City Group teams, reinforcing the sense of belonging.


Greater use of sky blue, but respecting the original color palette of Club Atlético Torque (Sky Blue, Yellow, Navy Blue, Gold, and White).